"Tips On Showing Your Home"

By Thomas Ervin
Thomas Ervin is a nationally syndicated real estate columnist.

Here are some important tips to consider when showing your home to prospective buyers:

CLEANLINESS: A personal inspection of every room is a must. Cooperation from all family members is important during the entire time that your home is for sale. Even though your Realtor tries to give you adequate advance notice, it isn't always possible. Consequently, only last-minute cleanup may be possible. The two areas needing closest attention are the kitchen and bathrooms.

LIGHTING: Your home should have a bright and cheery appearance. Lighting plays an important role in displaying your home to its best advantage. Whether it is a sunny day or after dark, turn on many lights throughout the house.

ODORS: While your home is for sale, it may be necessary to temporarily avoid cooking certain foods. Strong smelling foods may be offensive to a prospective buyer. Check the entire house for any musty or distasteful odors.

NOISE: All stereos, television sets, radios, and record players should be turned off while the home is being shown. Many homeowners feel that soft background music enhances the sale. Not so. Any noises may tend to distract the potential buyers from concentrating on the features of your home.

HOMEOWNER: Many homeowners feel that they should personally conduct a tour of their home for both the Realtor and his or her customers. Do not do this! This will make them feel uncomfortable and anxious to escape as soon as they can. Although Realtors don't know all the features of your home as well as you do, they do know the personality and needs of their customers. Excuse yourself and be available for questions. Let the Realtors do the selling.

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