"Choosing A Listing Agent"

By Thomas Ervin
Thomas Ervin is a nationally syndicated real estate columnist.

How should you select a Realtor to sell your home? It is an important decision. You may think that it doesn't matter who you choose as long as they are a member of your local multiple listing service. This is not true. Your listing agent will have a major impact on your success. Here are some guidelines:

Don't go with the "highest bidder." Your decision should not be determined only by the asking price recommended by a particular agent. There may be no relationship between the person quoting the highest figure and the person most qualified to market your home. In fact, this is the most common mistake made by homeowners when selecting a Realtor.

Can you get along with this person? Are you impressed with his or her personal knowledge and credibility? Remember, you and your Realtor actually become partners while your home is for sale. Each partner must do their part to have a successful sale. If you're going to choose a partner, get someone you can work with.

What resources will the agent use to sell your home? Success is not an accident. It is the result of good planning. It is quite rare for a listing agent to actually sell his or her own listing to a buyer. Most listings are sold by other agents. So, it is important to find out how your agent will promote your home to other agents.

If you are inclined to list with relatives or friends, ask them the same questions you would ask any other agent. This will establish a better business relationship that will hopefully not interfere with your personal relationship.

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